Janet Eastwood Acupuncture in Birmingham - What people say
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I am privileged to be able to record these words from my patients with their permission. Thank you.

"Looking forward to our next acupuncture session. I always feel like I am coming to a sanctuary when visiting your clinic. It has been keeping me alive..."

Janet supported me through a donor egg IVF round. My consultant was amazed to see several eggs maturing even though I had been diagnosed with early menopause. With careful diet and acupuncture my hormones were balanced. Lining grew to 12mm plus within ten days, amazing! 
I really looked forward to my sessions as they also kept me balanced and grounded throughout the whole process.

Janet has been treating me with acupuncture for almost a year now. I originally decided to try acupuncture to treat my poor circulation (nothing my GP had recommended was working) and to help boost my fertility as I was trying to conceive. 
Within a few months of starting treatment the numbness I had experienced for years in my hands and feet had gone and my overall body temperature had become warmer and more comfortable. 
Janet also worked with my menstrual cycles to increase my fertility and I fell pregnant soon after starting the treatment.  I continued acupuncture throughout my pregnancy.   As well as increasing my energy levels and reducing my morning sickness during my pregnancy, acupuncture provided me with great sense of wellbeing. The treatment room has a great relaxing atmosphere and Janet is a wonderful listener and a true professional. 
In the last month of my pregnancy I began a course of acupuncture to prepare my body for labour. At 39 weeks I went into labour naturally (contractions started in Janet's treatment room!). I had a great birth experience and was blessed with a healthy, happy and calm baby.
I believe acupuncture played a great part in keeping me physically well and stress free throughout my pregnancy. It made my body strong and prepared me in a way nothing else could to bring my little girl into the world. I am extremely grateful to Janet for everything she has done for me and  will continue having acupuncture as I know that it keeps my body and mind in balance and helps me feel my best! I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. 

I am happy that I have stopped the noise that I hear around the bonfire and burnt the wood, the smell of the bonfire will die down and turn to ashes and all will be left is a black patch to say it was there, but it is gone for good. I have blocked out the imaginary voices around me that send me back to the past wilderness and darkness and make me anxious and make me scared to move forward and keep on looking back and stopped me finding the correct way forward. I know now how to find my direction from the bonfire, I am not in two minds. I have one mind and my mind is clear. The grass will grow where the bonfire was lit. The garden; a place of beauty that families love to walk and play in and feel safe together. 
I have learned that to disconnect from yourself is not good and only when you are connected to yourself you can find your true destination to happiness and calm.
In my world of images and sights that can lead me to my threshold, my paradise, so I will be happy because they are NOW correctly placed in my present state of mind.

I went to see Janet because the hospital wanted to do a medical induction for labour. I had a treatment which helped me feel much more relaxed followed by a treatment to help contractions on the day I was due to have my hospital appointment. The contractions started soon after and my baby boy was born naturally on the day the medical induction was due. Thank you for helping with such an amazing experience!

I went to see Janet at the Community Acupuncture Clinic when I was heavily pregnant and suffering from hip and back problems and carpal tunnel syndrome. I had seen a physiotherapist and an osteopath before but the treatment Janet provided was most helpful in easing the pain and making the last weeks of my pregnancy more enjoyable. I really enjoyed going to get treatment from Janet - she is such a positive, professional and helpful person. Janet also specialises in treating pregnant women so I felt completely at ease. The atmosphere at the clinic is warm and welcoming and I would recommend their services for everyone!
I really enjoyed my acupuncture experience. Although i wasn't sure what to expect, I was made to feel completely at ease and Janet explained everything she did as she went along. The treatment room provided a lovely, relaxed atmosphere and the acupuncture has really helped my back pain. I would recommend Birmingham Community Acupuncture to anyone. Janet was lovely, so friendly and welcoming. Thank you so much.
Janet has helped me so much. She treated me while I was going through IVF and now I'm 28 weeks pregnant with twins. She has also done wonders with neck & back problems, relieving symptoms straight away. The multibed system makes it much more affordable and you don't miss out at all on treatment/service. Janet is really lovely and genuinely interested in her clients. I can't recommend her enough.
I started coming to see Janet for acupuncture due to fertility issues. I suffer from PCOS and was finding it very hard to conceive. I had been trying for a few years and when I came to see Janet I was really struggling to cope with things emotionally. Janet was absolutely wonderful and really made a huge positive difference to my life. Not only do I feel like I benefitted from the treatment, but Janet’s kind and gentle nature made me feel like I had someone who I could confined in. I continued to have treatment for about 8 months and I am now very glad to say I am 6 months pregnant! So I couldn’t be happier!
I went to the Acupuncture Community Clinic seeking help for a painful and swollen stomach. I'd been for acupuncture in the past and found it really helpful but too expensive to attend treatments very often.
I met Janet at the clinic and we hit it off immediately. She saw me straight away and began treating my condition, which was quickly cured - along with other 'ailments' such as helping me to quit smoking.
I go for acupuncture every week to keep myself in balance. It’s an affordable treatment and I really value my time with Janet, she provides a calm and soothing environment where I can escape from my busy life.  
In fact, I was so inspired by her and what she has done for my health and wellbeing that I signed up to the new course offered by the Acupuncture Academy!
Thanks Janet for being there for me.
I have been seeing Janet for over 8 months her treatment has been invaluable in helping through a very difficult emotional time in my life. I welcome her holistic approach to my wellbeing. I would highly recommend Janet for anyone seeking treatment for physical or emotional problems.
I have been seeing Janet at Birmingham Community Acupuncture at St Mary's in Bearwood for a few months now. I have been extremely impressed with the her expertise and professionalism. Also, she has a very empathetic approach with the treatments she carries out. As a result of her acupuncture, my eczema has begun to clear and, furthermore, I seem to have a lot more energy for day to day activities. Also, my digestion has improved and I feel my body is benefiting from the nutrients I am eating - whereas prior to receiving acupuncture from Janet, my body always felt sluggish.
Thank you Janet!
I can highly recommend Janet's acupuncture treatments. Firstly Janet is an excellent listener so you can be sure that you are getting the treatment that is best tailored to your individual needs. Also she is very good at making you feel completely relaxed and at ease so that there is no room for self-consciousness or worries about saying anything "silly".
As for the effectiveness of the treatment itself I have experienced relief from persistent stress headaches and been able to cope more easily with high levels of anxiety. For me these symptoms have been brought on specifically by a recent major bereavement, which has been shattering and is involving a whole re-building of my life.
To conclude I would count Janet and the acupuncture treatment that I have received from her as one of the significant ways that I have received help to be where I am today regarding the release of emotional pain, learning to live with significant loss and having the confidence to carry on with life.
I had been receiving treatment from an Osteopath for a number of years, for problems with my back and hips, and had discussed acupuncture with him for further pain relief.  I was chatting with a friend about finding an acupuncturist in my local area and she told me about Bearwood Community Acupuncture clinic, which she had seen advertised in the Warley Woods Newsletter and I decided to give it a try.
At the clinic, I met and discussed my problems with Janet Eastwood who I found to be professional and understanding.  I have been seeing Janet and receiving acupuncture for a number of months now and have been really pleased with the results, sometimes the effect is remarkable. I have received pain relief for various problems I have had and have been able to reduce the number of visits to my Osteopath. 
Janet has a friendly and supportive manner and is really easy to talk to, she gives advice and other tips and suggestions to help with the treatment and physical complaints. She has a calm and reassuring manner and is very pleasant to all her patients, I never feel rushed and she always spends time discussing your problems and the treatment with you. I would highly recommend her as a practitioner and acupuncture as a treatment, for anything really!
After having a fall in 2011 I had pains in my neck and shoulders, and after trying various pain-killers, injections, physiotherapy etc., it was suggested to me to try a course of acupuncture.
On meeting Janet I felt relaxed and completely at ease. The relief from my pain was instantaneous and as a result I have been attending continuous sessions whenever needed with Janet, who I now regard as a friend as well as a first rate acupuncturist. I will continue to have treatment with her whenever necessary.
Janet is a professional, totally dedicated to helping others. Full of compassion, willing to listen and do her best to release tensions, stress and to pin point problem areas. I remember two weeks ago when I first came for a session, I was full of aches, pains and so low in energy. After just 2 sessions stiffness in my neck  has gone, the constant tingling feeling in my right hand due to Carpal Tunnel syndrome has been greatly reduced and I feel so light in myself.  She has given me a new release of energy and vitality. Looking forward to my next one -to-one session.
This has been my first experience of acupuncture, and I've been amazed at the effect it has had over just a few weeks. Janet is friendly, confidence inspiring, very perceptive and has made noticeable improvements to things that I hadn't even recognised as problems. As a result I feel healthier and calmer.
I slipped when heavily pregnant and injured my back and pelvis area. I was in agony and could not walk. I was housebound for weeks. Then I tried acupuncture with Janet. Each time I went brought more relief and then the pain and discomfort had nearly gone. I was due to give birth but had gone over due. Janet also gave me acupuncture to help bring on the labour. She also showed me acupressure to use during contractions to manage pain. The acupressure really helped, I had a quick, stress free labour with no pain relief. Very friendly lady with a caring honest nature and professional manner.