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Special Offers and Events

Acupuncture is a unique gift that can make a real difference

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Face reading & Facial micro systems
A Traditional East Asian Medicine Approach to Diagnosis & Treatment
with Jong Baik
Saturday & Sunday 1  &  2 July 2017

To be held at:
'Lightwoods House'
Adkins Lane,
  B67 5DP
£140 for 2 days Hosted by ‘Birmingham Community Acupuncture’
Look forward to seeing you for a great weekend

For more information and to book your place please mail me on:


Course content:

·         A brief history

·         Various Face Reading Styles

·         The Three Areas of the Face

·         The Thirteen Positions of the Face

·         The Twelve Palaces of the Face

·         How to integrate Face Reading into a clinical setting

The Eyes:

·         Eye Reading

·         Eye Acupuncture

The Nose:

·         Nose Reading

·         Celebrity Nose Case Studies

·         Nose Acupuncture

The Philtrum:

·         Philtrum Reading

·         Females & Their Philtrum's

·         Philtrum Acupuncture

Face Acupuncture:

·         Point locations & selection

·         Acupuncture Techniques